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DFTDirect is a new product from Source III created specifically for OEMs and CAE tool developers.

The DFTDirect API provides direct access to vector data, flow information, and structural information for WGL and STIL files. This interface allows Developers to access cycle-based or event-based WGL/STIL patterns through a consistent, easy to use API. DFTDirect is delivered as a linkable static library with header files, full documentation and application examples.

Instead of spending valuable time and resources buried in technical specifications to build parsers and interpreters for these complex test languages, use DFTDirect’s ready-made and easy-to-use API to convert WGL and STIL data into a standard pattern format accessible thru simple function calls. All of the complexities of reading and interpreting both formats are handled automatically so your developers can focus on building out your own applications which use this data.

DFTDirect currently provides data access to STIL and WGL files, but additional test formats are planned for the future. It uses the same proven technology used by VTRAN, Source III’s flagship vector translation product with over 20 years of proven performance.

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DFTDirect® is Source III's first developer-oriented API which provides access to event streams and more from STIL and WGL files

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