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Introducing DFTView’s TIME_OFFSET and RESOLUTION Features, and VUI Integration

Thursday, 01 March 2018 00:34

Thank you for continuing to use VTRAN, and all of our products here at Source III. We are pleased to announce that version 10.5.1 of the Source III Software Bundle is now available, and comes with many new and exciting features. We’d like to bring to your attention some of the new capabilities of DFTView and the VTRAN User Interface (VUI), designed to save time and improve efficiency when you debug your waveform patterns.

TIME_OFFSET:  You can specify a time offset to apply to the waveform when displaying with DFTView, to effectively shift the entire waveform left or right. This is very useful, for example, when comparing an EVCD and VTRAN-generated tester format file – these translations often use a TIME_OFFSET value in order to align clock pulses on cycle boundaries. The time offset can even be changed (updating the waveform accordingly) after a file has already been opened. When configuring and running VTRAN translations with the VUI, any TIME_OFFSET used in the translation will be automatically passed to DFTView when displaying/comparing the waveforms.

RESOLUTION: You can now set a waveform resolution when displaying with DFTView (previously, this was locked to 1ps). As with the TIME_OFFSET,  resolution can be set at load time, or re-applied/changed afterwards to have the waveform regenerated. The VUI will automatically apply whatever RESOLUTION was configured in the VTRAN TVF Block when launching DFTView for more accurate waveform display and comparisons.

Other features in the latest Source III Software Bundle release include:

  • VUI: VTRAN command file editor now incorporates syntax highlighting
  • VUI: Tooltips: hover the mouse pointer over a UI control or to see a short one-line description
  • VUI: New --listformats command-line option displays all supported input & output file formats
  • DFTView: Compare mode only needs to normalize EVCD files on the first compare, saving time
  • VTRAN: Support for BASE_CLK_* options to the Palladium (more on this soon!) testbench writer

We have also made a number bug fixes and additional enhancements. To find out more about our latest releases, you can view the DFTView release notes here:

And the VUI and VTRAN release notes here:

As always, Source III is committed to improving your experience. If you have any questions about these latest releases, or there is a feature you need to improve your work, please feel free and email support.