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Source III's VTRAN Software Bundle v10.5 Now Available

Thursday, 21 December 2017 23:27

Source III’s newest release is now available. Version 10.5 has several new features, improvements upon old features, and a few bug fixes to ensure that your needs are met. You will find updates to all of our bundled products in this release, including:

  • VTRAN 10.5
  • VUI 10.5
  • DFTView 10.5
  • VCAP 10.5
  • VGEN 10.5

The complete list of updates can be found on our individual release notes, but some of our most notable include:


  • Advantest SmarTest8 target files now support WFC_Mode combined with XMODE, as well as an Xmode pad file
  • Enhancements to signal group handling for Advantest SmarTest 7 (93000) and SmarTest8 targets.
  • Multiple enhancements to the Advantest SmarTest8 writer.
  • CREATE_STATISTICS operation now includes scan vector data in transition and compare counts.
  • Significant performance improvements handling large comment blocks.
  • Base clock is now configurable in the Palladium-targeted Verilog TestBench target format.


  • Now supports a time offset when comparing two files - especially useful when comparing VTRAN-translated files with a TIME_OFFSET.


  • Now supports the SYSTEM_CALL statement for calling external programs/commands


  • Automatically applies the correct TIME_OFFSET to DFTView when launched from within the VUI

For complete information about all of our release notes, you can read the specific release notes for all of our products, below. You can also review past releases, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any features you’d like to request from the Source III team.