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Support Question Source III – Equation Based Timing Formats

Friday, 23 June 2017 00:10

Source III’s support department is always available to answer any questions you may have. When we feel that we’ve received a question that is useful to a wider audience, we like to turn it into a helpful blog post. A few weeks ago, we received a question about equation based timing format commands. Our answer is below.


We were working on equation-based timing format/flow, and we added these commands.



I am getting this Warning, but my output seems to be OK.

Warning: -USE_TIMING_PARAMS parameter is not supported for this timing format. Parameter will be ignored.

Any idea why?


The -USE_TIMING_PARAMS is an optional parameter that allows for a user specified name to be output in the timing file in place of the constant value that would normally be seen. An example of how that would work is if you were translating a vcd or evcd input file (or other print-on-change files).  Cycle and edge timing can be specified by providing a quoted name to use, i.e mcg_t1 and mcg_t2 in the example:

        PINTYPE RZ MY_MCG @ 10 "mcg_t1", 20 "mcg_t2";

In this example the mcg_t1 and mcg_t2 variables show up in the output timing file in place of 10 and 20.
This can be used with the BASIC_TIMING parameter but not with the BASIC_TIMING_FORMULAS_B parameter. 

The -USE_TIMING_PARAMS parameter does not affect the output of the frequency syntax that you are getting in your BASIC_TIMING_FORMULAS_B timing file so it need not be specified.


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