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QA: Pattern Conversion with VTRAN

Thursday, 13 April 2017 13:56

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On occasion, we receive emails from our clients that may be relevant to a larger audience. The following is a question we received about pattern conversion with VTRAN.

Q: I have a WGL source file, and I am need to convert it to 93k binl (not avc) format. Can VTRAN make that conversion and, if so, can you help show me how with an example?

A: VTRAN does not yet generate 93K binl files directly. However, it will generate ASCII avc/dvc vector/timing files (and optionally a map file when XMODE is used) which you can then compile into binl files with either the 'ait' or 'v2b' commands from the 93K tester tools.

Once you have the ait/v2b command set up, you can have VTRAN execute it for you by spawning a subshell with the SYSTEM_CALL statement.  For example, a VTRAN command file TVF block might (minimally) look like this:



      TARGET_FILE = "ascii.avc";


         TIME_STAMPS = "On"

         DVC_FILE = "ascii.dvc"

         XMODE = "tset1 2"

         XMODE_MAP = ""

         PIN_CONFIG_FILE = "ascii.pins"



      RESOLUTION = 1.0;

      SYSTEM_CALL "v2b -v ascii.avc -d -p ascii.pins -o binary.binl ... ";


Alternately you could set up your ait/v2b compilation step in an executable shell script, and then simply run that script with the SYSYEM_CALL command, for example:

      SYSTEM_CALL "./"