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List of File Formats Supported by DFTView

Wednesday, 21 December 2016 13:04

Recently, after months of development by our amazing staff here at Source III, our team was able to release one of its most important updates: VTRAN and DFTView release 10.3 has added support for Advantest SmarTest8. Now you can read, display, and translate between SmarTest8 and dozens of the most popular file formats utilized in DFT.

It seems like now is a good time to re-release the list of file format and filename extensions that are supported by our DFTView system which is powerful enough to handle all of the following File Formats:

  • Advantest T2000
  • Advantest SmarTest8
  • EVCD
  • HP 93000
  • STIL
  • SVF
  • Teradyne Catalyst
  • Teradyne FLEX (inc. iFLEX, microFLEX and ultraFLEX)
  • Teradyne J750 (and Teradyne J750+)
  • Texas Instruments TDL 91
  • Toshiba TSTL 2
  • VCD
  • WGL

Some of these file formats are often given different file name extensions. For reference, the following represent the file extensions that DFTView can use to automatically determine the file format:

  • .t2000
  • .pat
  • .cat
  • .catl
  • .catalyst
  • .evcd
  • .agk
  • .avc
  • .93k
  • .v93k
  • .hptab
  • .stil
  • .svf
  • .flex
  • .tp
  • .atp
  • .j750
  • .j750+
  • .tdl
  • .tdl91
  • .tdl_91
  • .tstl2
  • .vcd
  • .wgl
  • .gz (compressed files)

The support staff here at Source III can assist you in translating different formats to one of those supported by DFTView, and our engineering group do consider adding support for new formats upon request. Please feel free to contact us if there is a specific file format you need to work with.

DFTView can read most VTRAN generated formats, and can read WGL, STIL, VCD and EVCD file formats in their original forms.

VTRAN and DFTView File Formats

All of these file formats and extensions are also supported for translation with VTRAN, and compatible with the VTRAN User Interface and the entire suite of Source III products. Try DFTView and VTRAN out for yourself by downloading the software and requesting your free evaluation key today.