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There are many exciting things happening in the IC world. But none seem to have captured the interest in semi-conductor enthusiasts quite like the role that they will play in the self-driving cars of the future. Indeed, over the past several months, numerous articles have been written about the companies and stocks most likely to thrive in the market, and the movement that many IC companies have made to be the first to offer solutions that fit the need of this brand new automotive industry. It has also led to many interesting articles:   This article, from Electronic Design, talks about how the automotive industry and the semiconductor industry are faced with the same challenges, and that in the auto industry they are currently experiencing what they already did in semi – namely, the need for something like EDA: virtualization to speed up the system design process. This article, from…
Efficiency is critical in the world of electronic systems. Part of improving upon that efficiency often involves re-evaluating the flow of the design process, particularly whether or not traditionally different tasks can be merged into one. In some ways, this is what we try to provide with our software. VTRAN’s translations make it easier to move through the test process, DFTView merges debugging and analysis, etc. Recently, Semi-Engineering released an interesting article on another improvement to efficiency, proposing the idea of merging verification and validation. We encourage you to read the article on its source site, here:
We recently received a great question about changing the license timeout value from something other than the default 1-hour. Since we know this question will be useful for other clients, we have decided to convert it into this blog post for easy reference: Q: How Do I Change the License Timeout to a Higher Value? A: The default with VTRAN is to timeout after 3600 seconds (1 hour). But we know there are situations that may require a longer timeframe before the license times out. Luckily, we made sure that changing the timeout length is easy. Keep in mind that all timeout lengths are in seconds, not minutes or hours. You can make this change by setting up a different environment variable in VTRAN: export S3_QUEUE_TIMEOUT=7200 ;# bash, sh, zsh setenv S3_QUEUE_TIMEOUT 7200 ;# tcsh, csh This raises the timeout to 2 hours (the number is always specified in seconds). Use…
IoT devices are expanding not only in market share, but also in capabilities. With the ability to recognize objects, respond to voice commands, adapt to energy requirements, and more, the architectural requirements and technical challenges of the analog to digital conversion (ADC) functionality between needed for these devices to operate has never been more challenging. There are several types of architecture used, from pipelined to successive approximation register to flash comparators. This article on SemiWiki explores these different architectures:

What is the “True Cost” of IC Test?

Sunday, 11 March 2018 21:22
There is a tendency in the world of IC to seek out cost saving manufacturing strategies, and of course there is some financial value to the idea of decreasing costs even by fractions of a penny. But depending on where your company is in the market, it may make more sense to pay just a little bit more to decrease some of the risks and challenges associated with outsourcing IC production. Here is a short and interesting story about this topic on, by the manager of EAG Technologies: