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We recently received a great question about changing the license timeout value from something other than the default 1-hour. Since we know this question will be useful for other clients, we have decided to convert it into this blog post for easy reference: Q: How Do I Change the License Timeout to a Higher Value? A: The default with VTRAN is to timeout after 3600 seconds (1 hour). But we know there are situations that may require a longer timeframe before the license times out. Luckily, we made sure that changing the timeout length is easy. Keep in mind that all timeout lengths are in seconds, not minutes or hours. You can make this change by setting up a different environment variable in VTRAN: export S3_QUEUE_TIMEOUT=7200 ;# bash, sh, zsh setenv S3_QUEUE_TIMEOUT 7200 ;# tcsh, csh This raises the timeout to 2 hours (the number is always specified in seconds). Use…
IoT devices are expanding not only in market share, but also in capabilities. With the ability to recognize objects, respond to voice commands, adapt to energy requirements, and more, the architectural requirements and technical challenges of the analog to digital conversion (ADC) functionality between needed for these devices to operate has never been more challenging. There are several types of architecture used, from pipelined to successive approximation register to flash comparators. This article on SemiWiki explores these different architectures:

What is the “True Cost” of IC Test?

Sunday, 11 March 2018 21:22
There is a tendency in the world of IC to seek out cost saving manufacturing strategies, and of course there is some financial value to the idea of decreasing costs even by fractions of a penny. But depending on where your company is in the market, it may make more sense to pay just a little bit more to decrease some of the risks and challenges associated with outsourcing IC production. Here is a short and interesting story about this topic on, by the manager of EAG Technologies:
Thank you for continuing to use VTRAN, and all of our products here at Source III. We are pleased to announce that version 10.5.1 of the Source III Software Bundle is now available, and comes with many new and exciting features. We’d like to bring to your attention some of the new capabilities of DFTView and the VTRAN User Interface (VUI), designed to save time and improve efficiency when you debug your waveform patterns. TIME_OFFSET:  You can specify a time offset to apply to the waveform when displaying with DFTView, to effectively shift the entire waveform left or right. This is very useful, for example, when comparing an EVCD and VTRAN-generated tester format file – these translations often use a TIME_OFFSET value in order to align clock pulses on cycle boundaries. The time offset can even be changed (updating the waveform accordingly) after a file has already been opened. When…

VTRAN Version 10.5.1 is Now Live

Friday, 16 February 2018 19:22
Source III is dedicated to providing the most thorough, useful solutions to your vector translation needs, which is why we are pleased to announce that the VTRAN Software Bundle Version 10.5.1 is available. Some of the features included in this update are: Redesigned cyclization options in the PROC_BLOCK form for ease-of-use: Select the preferred cyclization strategy and only the relevant options will be displayed. The default is now AUTO_ALIGN (previously ALIGN_TO_CYCLE). Cyclization options are only displayed for event-based to cycle-based. Command file preview screen now incorporates syntax highlighting; it is enabled by default but can be toggled off/on any time from the Tools menu. The preview screen now also displays line numbers alongside the command file. Now supports changing the font size via the 'Tools' menu (applies to all input widgets) with preferred size stored in the VUI preferences file. A single font is now universally applied to all input…